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Land Stewardship for the 21st Century
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Our Mission

to acquire, preserve and protect lands of the Coastal Plain region for the conservation and stewardship of natural, historic, cultural and scenic resources for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.

 Our Goals

-  Identify and permanently protect significant lands throughout the coastal plain by acquiring lands through donations and accepting conservation easements.

-  Manage permanent preserves and monitor and enforce conservation easements to protect stewardship values.

-   Provide the public with an innovative example of land stewardship for the 21st century.

-  Promote ecotourism and other economic incentives for conservation and restoration of the coastal plain.

-  Educate public and private landowners about the conservation options available to landowners and develop incentive-based conservation programs.

-  Partner with conservation organizations, government agencies, researchers, business owners and the public to proactively identify environmental issues and problems that affect the coastal plain and target strategies that create effective and cost-efficient programs to improve the environment.

P.O. Box 1447, Lake Charles, LA  70602