Conservation Strategies
Land Stewardship for the 21st Century



The Coastal Plain Conservancy’s conservation approach includes working with private landowners, governmental agencies, and community groups to establish a Conservation Agenda which defines eco-regional priorities and strategies as the basis for conservation action. The conservation strategies and services the CPC currently uses to protect the lands of the coastal plain include:



Outright acquisition of targeted habitats through purchases, bargain sale arrangements, and land donations.


Conservation Easements

Agreements with private landowners to permanently protect their land's conservation values through the creation of limits on development.


Management Agreements

Working with cooperating landowners to develop and implement wildlife management plans for their property.


Mitigation and Monitoring of Conservation Servitudes

(For More Information: Lacassane Coastal Prairie Mitigation Bank)

Acceptance of ownership and stewardship responsibilities for mitigation projects completed by developers who are complying with federal regulations; these creation or enhancement projects are implemented under criteria developed by the Coastal Plain Conservancy and other agencies.  These projects and mitigation banks are monitored in a coordinated effort with both governmental bodies and private landowners.


Seed Increase Program  

(For More Information:  McNeese State University Cooperative Effort)

Partnership with McNeese State University, USDA and USGS in assisting in the creation, restoration, and enhancement of Louisiana coastal prairie communities through the propagation of native plant species.


Habitat Restoration and Enhancement 

Development and implementation of habitat restoration and management projects on CPC owned or managed lands, to benefit plant and animal communities and our ecosystem as a whole.


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