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Land Stewardship for the 21st Century
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    Properties of special interest to the CPC are those that have, or have once had, natural plant or animal communities that are rare and sensitive, and that are at risk of becoming extinct.  In Southwest Louisiana, the natural communities that the CPC seeks to protect include the coastal prairie, longleaf pine flatwoods and savannahs, pitcher plant bogs, swamps, marshes, and stream corridors.  Additionally, the CPC offers the means to protect other areas, such as farms and forests that have open space or scenic values.

    The Coastal Plain Conservancy offers a variety of options to landowners who wish to protect their land.  These options include Conservation Servitudes, Life Estates and Land Acquisition Partnerships. 

    The CPC can assist in establishing property management plans that allow the landowner to continue to use and enjoy their property, but have the assurance that natural properties will remain in their natural state, or that agricultural and working timberlands will remain in those uses in the future.


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