Arrozal Partnership
Land Stewardship for the 21st Century
 Lacassane Co.
 McNeese State Univ
EDS/LSU Coastal Roots


The Kayouchee Seed Block was established by the CPC through a donation of land from Arrozal, LLC.  Several native prairie species were initially planted on the property by McNeese State University students and continue to be maintained through this student program as well as by labor provided by The Lacassane Company.



P.O. Box 1447, Lake Charles, LA  70602



            Arrozal, LLC, is in the process of donating a six-acre site adjacent to the McNeese State University farm to the Coastal Plain Conservancy.  The site is being used a site for propagation of foundation native seed. 

        A combination of United States Department of Agriculture personnel, United States Geological Survey personnel, McNeese State University staff and students, CPC volunteers and Episcopal Day School students planted 400 little bluestem plants on the Arrozal site on September 18, 2003.  These plants were collected from 50 prairie remnant sites around the state. 

        A new planting project is also planned for the week of September 22, 2003.











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LOCATION:  P.O. Box 1447, Lake Charles, LA  70602