EDS and the LSU Coastal Roots Program
Land Stewardship for the 21st Century
 Lacassane Co.
 McNeese State Univ

    Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School began partnering with the Coastal Plain Conservancy in the early spring of 2011.  Since that time, 292 upper elementary and middle school students have planted 3,166 restoration plants that they grew from seed in their school Coastal Roots nursery.  Two plantings occurred at the CPC's Green House, where 700 cypress and 882 coastal prairie plants were transplanted over two years.  A third planting occurred in the green space at the Waterside subdivision where students installed 784 beautiful cypress trees they had grown.  Over the last two years, students have transplanted 800 long leaf pine seedlings in the Ragley Long Leaf Pine Savannah.  On these trips, CPC staff John Stacy and CC Richmond, directed the plantings and taught the children about the special environments they were helping to restore.

 In addition to a restoration partner for Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School, the CPC has been an important supporter of the Coastal Roots Program financially. Discussions with Chad Theilan about how the CPC could best support Coastal Roots schools lead to the idea of providing a partial bus reimbursement for schools participating in the restoration trips. The first donation to the LSU Foundation in behalf of CR was in 2010.  The generosity of the CPC donations means that schools do not need to either absorb or pass on as much of the cost to parents of children who are making the trip to transplant their crop of seedlings at their restoration site.  It makes a real and tangible difference that supports both the students and the CR Program.

The Coastal Roots Program is now composed of 46 schools in Louisiana and three schools in Chile (South America).  Five additional schools are in the process of joining the program during the 2015-16 academic year. Since 2010, when the CPC began to support the program, more than 190 restoration trips have been run to various restoration sites across south Louisiana and in Chile. At the end of the last restoration season in May of 2015, 16,000 students have transplanted 127,300 seedlings and grass plugs on 311 restoration trips to sites in southern Louisiana and central Chile since the program began in 2000.






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